Q&A Christian Life Coaching


How do I get started with a coaching session?

It's easy! Send me an email expressing your interest in Christian Life Coaching or a Personal Life Coach session and I will contact you. The initial consultation is free with no obligation.

What is included in the coaching service?

Life Coaching sessions include a free initial consultation. From that point, we will determine the time and frequency of the coaching. In addition to the Life Coaching session, you will have the opportunity to  receive feedback and communication with the Life Coach in between scheduled meetings. 

Is there a contract I must adhere too or an obligation to continue services for a set time period?

No, coaching sessions are conducted  session by session, with no obligation to go beyond what you desire . You can schedule the frequency of your own coaching. I do make use of a Coaching Agreement that states both of our roles and expectations in the sessions. The Coaching Agreement will be sent to you prior to our first session.

Do I have to be Christian to receive your Life Coaching services?

You do not have to be Christian to benefit from Johnston's Christian Life Coaching. My Life coaching is open to everyone. Christian Life Coaching is a major focus of what I do. However, I provide Life Coaching that is respectful to all worldviews. If you prefer not to have a faith based approach to your coaching session, I will provide goal orientated coaching options for you.

How will the coaching sessions be conducted?

Face to face Life coaching is available, but most Life coaching sessions are conducted by phone, and/or coupled with email correspondences. Skype is also an option for coaching.

Is my information keep confidential?

All information is kept confidential. Your Life coach will not retain any information shared as a result of your coaching. All information shared, whether written or sent via electronic means (email or text) is deleted at the conclusion of the coaching. Information such as name and contact information will only be retained with the permission from the client.

How long can I expect to be involve with you as a coach?

The duration of Life coaching, ideally continues until you have reached the goal you are going for.  The Life coaching can be short or long term. Some people desire weekly sessions and other may want more of an extended coaching relationship that has sessions weekly or monthly.

Can Life coaching replace counseling?

No. Life coaching and counseling are not the same, however, both develop the helping relationship. Counseling works with a client to help them get to a place of healing ;focusing on moving from the past to the present. Life coaching assist a person in moving from where they are , to where they want to be. Life coaching is future focused and goal orientated.

Coaching is not a replacement for licensed clinical/medical supports and is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical or other qualified professionals. You should seek independent professional guidance for such matters.  As an ethical standard, I as your coach, will adhere to the professional standards of the Coaching profession.